Proposed Tyre Labelling Regulation Revisions

On the 17th May 2018, the Commission published proposed revisions to existing Regulation 1222/2009 – the ‘Tyre Labelling’ Regulation. A raft of changes/improvements are proposed within the revised Regulation, some of which are outlined as follows:

  • updating the tyre label and allowing for its revision – to account for technological advances and the potential inclusion of further parameters such as mileage and abrasion (for which no appropriate tests are currently developed)
  • improving the visibility of the label to consumers – including the requirement to display a label for C3 tyres and for dealers to show the label to the consumer before the sale (where tyres are not readily visible)
  • requiring that information on the snow and ice performance of tyres be included on the label – such a requirement will see the development of a test for ice performance
  • allowing for the future inclusion of re-treaded tyres, if appropriate
  • requiring that the label be shown in visual advertisements and in technical promotional material, which ties in with similar provisions of the Energy Labelling Regulation 1369/2017
  • extension of the type approval process to include the label declaration – which should result in further correctness of the technical documentation supporting the tyre label
  • improving enforcement by creating an obligation to register tyres in the product database established under Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 – again, tying in with Regulation 2017/1369 and improving information availability for consumers and market surveillance authorities alike

The proposed Regulation now passes to the European Council and Parliament for consideration Рmore detail can be found here:

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